About Us


A Major Contributor to Missouri’s Economy

The producers, bottlers and marketing company members of Missouri Beverage Association make and sell hundreds of brands, flavors and packages of America’s most popular beverages, including regular and diet soft drinks, bottled water and water beverages, 100-percent juice and juice drinks, sports drinks, energy drinks and ready-to-drink teas. You might say that our members quench Missouri’s thirst. At the same time, the beverage industry is an important part of Missouri’s economy.




Economic Impact of the Beverage Industry in Missouri

Missouri Beverage Association companies employ more than 4,000 Missourians, providing $300.4 million in wages and a direct state economic impact of more than $2.7 billion.
Missouri's beverage industry also supports a number of other business sectors and their employees throughout the state. In fact, more than 16,700 workers in restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, movie theaters and more depend, in part, on beverage industry sales for their livelihood.




Providing Missouri with Significant Tax Revenues


Missouri's beverage industry contributes $168 million in taxes at the state level and $332.5 million at the federal level. As you can see, our industry plays an important role in our economy.




An Integral Part of Our Local Communities


Like our customers, the employees of Missouri’s beverage companies live and work in Missouri. That is why we generously contribute to our local communities, donating $27.7 million to charitable causes across the state.



Source: John Dunham and Associates, Inc.